The Work Ahead of Us

Dear Friends,

This is a moral moment – a time when institutions and people must choose what side they are on.  We stand on the side of justice. We stand with all of you, those who are standing up for justice and those who are building a more just future. We say the names of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and far too many others who have lost their lives to a racist system.  We commit to supporting the work that will ensure that theirs will be the last lives stolen by a system that has devalued Black life for generations.

We affirm that Black Lives Matter. Black Lives Matter. Black Lives Matter.

We affirm that as a country we MUST evolve, we must dismantle white supremacy from our institutions and our norms and our narratives and we must rebuild a society that secures, values and celebrates Black life. This is a moment that calls on us to act and act together. Since 2017, GSF has had an explicit priority of investing in Black-led organizing and healing justice as part of our Building Voice and Power portfolio.  Our friends at Solidaire captured perfectly in their love letter to the movement, why this funding strategy is at the heart of our grantmaking,

“We believe that supporting Black-led social change is key to transforming systemic inequality. We understand that social change led by Black people advances racial and social justice for all people. The struggle for civil rights resulted in advancements for women, people with disabilities, LGBTQ+ folks, immigrants and workers of all colors. We affirm that Black-led social change forges alliances that propel broad and deep societal transformation.”

This is also a time for action. GSF’s Board has made a commitment to increase our foundation’s payout to 10% for the next four years.

We made this decision three weeks ago, when we met to discuss the COVID crisis. We understand the COVID disaster and the murder of George Floyd to be symptoms of a larger crisis of inequality and democracy. We believe that this moment calls for a long-term, large-scale philanthropic response to shift power to people and support organizations in building a just society.  We believe that transformation is possible in this moment.  We call on our colleagues in philanthropy to meet this moment with long term, increased grantmaking commitments. We believe that we can be the generation that finally breaks with history and builds a more just future.

With love and solidarity,

Robin Snidow, Board Chair & Dimple Abichandani, Executive Director