GSF’s approach to grantmaking has deep roots in the foundation’s original policies. In 1946, the founder encouraged us to “…Pioneer new fields, where support from other sources is not readily available, and where the possibility of major gains exists, but also complete losses.” He understood the importance of experimenting, and of being patient enough to move through problems that arise.


GSF makes grants twice per year, in the spring and fall. As a small foundation with limited resources, we prioritize multi-year grants to our long-term partners.

GSF is not currently taking on any new grants through open intake. We will reopen this process if funds become available. We thank you for your interest and for the important work you are engaged in and regret that we cannot offer support at this time. 


If you are a current grantee of GSF that has a project support grant, please click the button below to submit your final financial report.


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